Friday, 26 June 2009

1985 Premiere & Starlight

My 2 new dolls, Starlight and Premiere. Lovin them both, thanks again to the lovely Linda!

1986 Mode Box Art

I got my 3 cute mode fashions today, Back 3 from the left.
The box art is just super cute too so I had to scan it in.

1983 Classic - Gala Night

I never was a keen ball gown kind of kid, I never got any of the deluxe fashions or dolls like Masquerade or Premiere either. As a grown up these fashions are just beautiful.
I won Masquerade a while ago but I don't really like her original outfit so when I won this I knew who it would suit.
It comes complete with the hair combs (which you can't really see).
Unfortunatly the beautiful backdrop is not my yarden (Yes yarden, a garden and a yard lol) it's my Aunty M's stunning garden!

1980 Boxed Fashions - Summer Nights

This is one of the earliest fashion items from the Sindy range I can remember wanting. I don't know if I had it originally but I had to have it either way. I remember seeing it in a toy shop. It must have been a few years after it came out as the toy shop was only opened in 1983 if I recall.
It's totally the cutest bedtime fashion I have so far. My Aunty M added the bears for fun and I think they look great.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Exciting updates coming soon

So I have now sold all my Hot Looks dolls, well except for Mimi who I had originally back in 1987. They will be flying the nest in early July...bye girls.
So what do you replace Hot Looks with, you guessed it Sindy!

I have some really nice dolls coming my way over the next month that I have saved with some great sellers.
A few girls will be getting upgrades too so watch this space.

Aslo coming up, a few more fashions that I have not got around to photographing.

Want a Sneak Peek of a very excting update?

Yes my total fave Premiere Sindy! After not seeing her on e-bay for 12 months 5 of them all show up in the same week! Typical. I think I have got the prettiest one too ;)
Pictures next week!

1986 Brunette Sindy update

After a month of sitting nude in my Sindybox I finally have dressed my Brunette "Smirky" in the outfit she would have worn originally and at a nice bargain price too.
Thanks to Elaine at Sindysandmore (Click the link to visit her groovycart shop)
I just need to find her some white heels now!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Beach Party Sindy goes to the beach

Click to enlarge any picture.

What a beautiful evening to visit the beach!

The sun is shining!

Playing in the sand
Looking out to sea

Having a little dip

The wind in my hair and sun in the sky!

Strolling along the beach.

A nice river cave.

By a lovely lagoon waterfall.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

1986 - Doubles

Sindy 'Doubles' where released in 1986: There where 4 fashions released which could be reversed to create a new look. The catalogue pictures differ slightly from the actual released fashion.

I was lucky enough to win this removed from card fashion with my Disco Magic Sindy.
I thought my beautiful Marie would suit it the best.

The fashion is sadly quite poor in quality with no real effort (I feel) put into the design from Pedigree at the time. The pink flimsy material quite clearly shows the other pattern underneath, even on the official box photo's.
This is the reveresed side, again I don't know who picked the material but it is more a nightdress patteren to me.
My thoughts on the range are they are rushed, along with the Disco Magic range, I think Pedigree where either competing against Hasbro's Jem line or had already been taken over by Hasbro and where grooming the idea of Pop Star dolls and reversible fashions to the children at the time prior to Jems release. Barbie had been using the reversible fashion idea since 1984 with the beautiful "Twice as Nice" range (Click Here to read more about that range)

Friday, 12 June 2009

1986 Disco Magic Sindy Auburn Haired

My pretty new auburn haired Disco Magic Girl arrived yesterday. She came in a 86 reversible fashion, but I didn't like it on her.

I dressed her in a Jem fashion called 'Like A Dream' which is similar to her original fashion she would have come wearing.

Her hair is quite hard to style but is in good condition for these dolls at it often looks like wire wool!

She is very cheeky looking, like most 86 'smirky's' as they are known.
Onm the subject of Smirky's I forgot to mention this little lady I picked up in a BIN on e-bay for £4.99.
It Turned out to be 86 Jazzdance!
I am still waiting some 86 clothes so popped her in 85's Shaping Up Sindy's similar outfit for now. She has great hair!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

1986 Disco Magic Sindy

1986 was a big doll year for me and a big year for Sindy. Jem was released in October 2006 and caused ripples in the doll market with its huge sales promotion.

I for one was fascinated with it's feature length film and casette tapes issued with each doll!

I loved Pop music so to have dolls that could sing songs was amazing for me.

"The Changing Face of a Legend"

After many years of looking the same, Sindy had had a facelift in 1986, presumably (and this is my own personal presumption) following a quiet year after a huge onslaught from camp Barbie in 1985/86.

Pedigree released the new look Sindy in 1986, some a re-hash of 1985 dolls (Starlight, Jazz-dance) Also in late 1986 was a set of Sindy dolls called Disco Magic. The Disco Magic dolls where released in 3 different hair colours, Blonde, Auburn and black. They all had pink bangs and where issued in funky fashions.

Images used with permission & Thanks: Jolanda Graaf from site

A set of Disco Magic fashions where also released but I have heard these are quite cheap and flimsy.

These dolls have been really hard to find out much information about however as the images from that years catalogue only shows some regular dolls with the fashions on so they must have only been at the early development stage?

Since investigating these dolls I have come to some conclusions about the Disco Magic range.

Pedigree was bought by Hasbro sometime in 1986/87, the date I am not sure of. Hasbro had a highly popular pop star doll out in late 1986 called Jem. Jem had pink hair, her own band & boyfriend as well as a rival band. Hasbro's 'Jem' dolls also had a full set of reversible fashions to create different looks for its duel character Jem / Jerrica. Jem was a big doll for me in 1986 & 87, while I still collected Sindy I don't really remember a lot about the range due to the Jem line.

It does seem a little odd that Pedigree had a set of 'pop star' dolls with pink in their hair that year too, and even a set of reversible fashions.

I do wonder if Pedigree knew about a pending takeover from Hasbro so had been asked to rush out a set of dolls to get kids into the idea of a pop star doll? The dolls are not of the best quality so I find them a little rushed. Either that or they had found out about Jem prior to their late '86 release. Mattel had found out about Jem prior to the release and had rushed out a set of dolls by the name of Barbie & The Rockers (or Rock Stars as they are known in Europe) which where also similar to Jem.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Shop Updated

I have updated Jemboy's World with lots of Sindy clothes and other bits just click the banner.

1984' Masquerades arty photoshoot

My beautiful new auburn Sindy, I couldn't find anything new to display on her so chose a couple of arty shots instead just for fun!

I think they came out quite good.

1986: The Elusive Brunette Sindy

From the year Sindy was introduced, she had always had a blonde, brunette and often an auburn haired version.
The most elusive of these hair variants are from 1986, or are they?

During my time as a child I always loved blondes and the occasional auburn. My Sister loved the brunettes and that's how we played. When I started back on my Sindy quest in January 2009, I had no idea that a brunette 1986 Sindy ever existed, but after some research I found out she did.
When the 1986 range changed the face of a legend, I for one was captivated. After a year of being distracted by Barbie I returned once again to Sindy.
I got starlight, Ballerina, Funtime, Jazzdance and many more but never a brunette to be seen as I am sure my sister would have got one.

I was checking e- bay a few weeks ago and a I saw a brunette 'Smirky faced' Sindy so I bid and won, That's where my interest started.

For less than £6.00 I won this rather bedraggled lady, the first in my 1986 collection. It was then I started to look for other brunettes in the range. A few Sindy collectors didn't know she existed, however a few had her.

'Thanks To Jill'
The above picture is Jill's beautiful boxed 'Funtime' Sindy, dressed in a 1985 'Trends' outfit that was also used in 1986. She comes with white heels and a white ribbon.

'1985's Trend Version'

The 'Funtime' range was an easy dress range with a new style body, and non moving silky legs to help younger children dress the dolls.

Also that year the 'Disco Magic' Range was released including more hair colours . I had the 3rd girl from the left. I will investigate them for another posting but I think they where released to compete with or compliment that was also released that year.

You may wonder how my Sindy came out after a make over, well here she is...

I have ordered a couple of 86 fashions to dress her in so I will display her fully in the 3 fashions I have bought soon.

Since finding this stunning brunette, she seems to be popping up a lot now on e-bay, hopefully we will see more of this 86 range popping up on e-bay as it is fascinating.
Sindy Our Pedigree Girl Of The 60's has an amazing "Style Book" section from 1986 showing the full range that was issued to toy stores. Sadly no brunettes are shown.

Please contact me with any other information or photo's!