Friday, 8 May 2009

1985 Cut N Style / Dazzling Sindy / Haute Coiffure

The funniest thing happened to starts off "I was drunk"

I had just completed my own Dazzling Sindy, see below posting, however I decided to bid on a boxed one on e-bay as it was super cheap which I knew I was not going to win.
Cut to a few days later and I won her as no one else had bid, I was so surprised £25 bargain!
I put my girl on e-bay and sold her for £23.00 so I was happy. My boxed girl arrived today.

She is super cute!
Here are the box scans.

She looks amazing in the first picture, although I have a different necklace on my doll than the one pictured. I think the same one as Masquerade Sindy.

I was also really inreagued to see the spare hair and leaflet that came with Sindy. I remember having her as a kid and sending away for some spare hair.

99p for spare hair including posting, wow cheap or what. I think I got 4 . They took ages to arrive if I remember.


  1. I don't think I'd have been able to cut her hair even with the spare new.I would be worried that I'd make a mess of it and that I would ruin her!
    Interesting to see the hair leaflet though of how to add the extra replacement stuff!; )

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  3. You sold her for how much??????
    She does look cute in the box even if she is a little squashed by the plastic on her hair in the box.Are you keeping her in it?
    In fact she looks slightly younger than the box scans.x(sorry deleted previous comment but I wasn't happy with it.wanted to clarify what I meant better); )

  4. Oh cool , i had this doll and weirdly i still have it ! She still has her dress , pencils and curlers but ive lost the other accesories .