Sunday, 26 July 2009

1984 Boutique - Jumping Jive

Quite possibly one of the most memorable outfits from my childhood was Jumping Jive. It has taken me a while to track this down complete but it was worth it. I love the 50's vibe to this outfit

Friday, 10 July 2009

Sindy Photoshoot

A new photoshoot for one of my newest Sindy's, Very Herb Rittts if I say so myself LOL!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

1986 Mode

A cute little fashion which suits my Jazzdance Sindy rather well as she is a cheeky little thing!

1985 - Starlight

1985 Starlight is very cute. I had the red version as a kid, so got the green version this time round. She is beautifully mint. I have another one for my sister too!

Marie in 1984 Autumn Design

I got my new Royal Wedding Marie & Mark this week, Marie has amazingly curly hair! I thought she would look good in this uncatalogued 1984 Autumn Design fashion. It's a cute little fashion, maybe a little dull but cute all the same.

1984 Designer - Feeling Fit

Well this is one half of 1984's feeling fit. My sister loved the other half of the fashion so put it on one of her dolls and then fluttered her eyelashes at me. So it's now Pamela's LOL!
I will photograph it next time I am at my Mum's as her Sindy's are going to live there for when we both visit together!
To be honest thisa fashion is not as fun as it looks, the jogging suit is huge and looks like a romer suit and Pamela struggled with the other fashion too!

1982 Fun Fashion -Summer Showers

A cute little fashion from 82, I love that it's a bit cheeky and see through. My Mum thinks she looks like a hooker which is very funny. This is my new auburn with thick long hair. I love her!