Monday, 2 March 2009

1984 Beach Party Sindy

Beach Party Sindy was one of my personal favorite Sindy's and the start of my own personal re-collection.
I do remember the day I got Beach Party Sindy, it was upstairs in Wizard Toys. Sindy used to be downstairs but for some reason had been moved upstairs, presumably to show you the more old fashioned toys like rocking horses and the like as they where upstairs.
I always went for the blonde, although I would love either the brunette ot aurburn haired on one now. I really loved her as she had great hair and a really cool outfit.
We had the Sindy swimming pool and a couple of beach buggies so made beach parties on our sand coloured carpeted stairs (Me and my sister always played on the stairs as we lived in a shop and they where huge)
Beach Party Sindy was more than likely transfered to an active body (or 'ballet body' as me and my sister called them) as all the top girls (or picksies as we called them) had a 'Ballet body'
This little lady came to me nearly complete as she is just missing her bag.

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  1. It´s beatufil!!! Very nice! I like very much!

    Regards from Spain!