Friday, 6 March 2009

1984 Stardance Sindy

Stardance Sindy is a mystery to me.

Firstly, I wonder why we never had this doll as kids as we had so much from the 83/84 doll range. She was also on the cover on the Sindy Annual too and secondly why they put a keepfit girl on a regular body, why not an active body?

Anyway I was only supoosed to be getting what I had as a kid but saw this lady with all her cuteness and just had to have her. I Love her 80's outfilt with pink pumps and the rainbow leotard and legwarmers.

She came with the bunchies, however I am not a fan so quicky re-did her hair to more the style I prefer. She has beautiful hair, slightly frizzy in places but still very cute.
I am happy to have her in my collection and will keep an eye out for the brunette version now.

1 comment:

  1. Like her little leg warmers!
    She has wayward wavy hair like mine without the use of straightners!LOL.She is pretty!x