Sunday, 28 February 2010

1986 Miss Sindy Box Art

6 Beautiful new fashions. I so far have the 3 on the right. Slighlty more cheaply made than previous years I also note.

1986 Boutique Box Art

The beautiful 86 Boutique Box Art, this just shows the new fashions released that year and none of the 85 veriosns that where re-released. I have yet to see or own any of these fashions, I love the top 3!

1986 Ballerina Advertisement

A Beautiful picture from my issue 3 Sindy Comic. Quite a big file so click on it for the bigger picture.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

1986 Sindy Comic

Me and my sister used to get this comic as kids, can't wait for it to arrive. I will scan it in if my home PC gets fixed next week,

Friday, 12 February 2010

1986 Miss Sindy Fashions 43152 & 43155

2 More beautiful Miss Sindy fashions to add to my 1986 collection, again thanks to Linda :)
Pics of the dolls in the fashions tomorrow :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

1985 Premiere Night Out

Here is a fun picture of my 2 Premiere Girls off for another night out. I re-curled the girl on the right as her hair had lost all it's curl

1986 Starlight Sindy

Here is my beautiful new Starlight Sindy. Starlight was released in 1985 with the traditional face and then again in 1986 with a slightly different style jumpsuit! I think she is so cute! The shiny material didn't show up well on the camera?

On the box she has a side pony tail with crimped hair much like the 1985 versions, however the finished doll just had loose curls with no ponytail (I put my girls in a ponytail)

Side of the box picture

Back of the box

Back of the box close up
The Starlights together, you can see how dramatically they changed Sindy in 1986.

1987 - City Girl

City Girl Sindy was one of the last Sindy's I remember getting. Me and my sister got one each on the same day. There are 2 versions of this doll the other being dressed in pink & purple which my sister has. I like these Hasbro Sindy's but they where to only last 2 years before she changed again and looked far to much like a cheap Barbie!

1986 Boutique - Spots 'N' Stripes

Another 85 fashion that was re-used in 86. This is the 86 version mint from the card. Its quite a cool fashion but not one I had as a kid. I thought of Marie as soon as I got it last year but never got around to putting it on her. This curly haired Marie is Royal Wedding Marie

1984 Boutique - Jog Along

Another 84 Boutique outfit which we had as kids. It's quite awful really but I got it summer 2009 mint on the card at a great price. It suits this little lady too!

1986 Boutique - Beach Life

This was one of the last Sindy fashions I remember getting as a kid. I have wanted it for ages and when it showed up on on e-bay at a BIN at £15 I snapped it up. This is the 1986 version and is mint from the card.
This outfit always reminds me of The Sound of Music!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

1984 & 1985 Style Books

Click the picture above to link to Johnny's great pictures of the 1984 & 85 Style books. They are simply stunning. Visit his full site on the links to the right! I could spend hours on his site!

1986 Style Book

Check out the 1986 Style Book on Johnny's amazing site, he also has other style books from other years which are great for identification. I use them all the time. Just click the Style Book cover to link to his site.

1986 Zodiac Toys Displays

Prior to the new release of dolls, you can make out Barbie to the right and Jem and Golden Girl on the left both of which I had as a kid. *Dreams of getting a time machine*

And the shelves updated with the new 86 girls Jazzdance and Mark .

By this period Toy N Hobby was the big store in my home town so there was a lot more 86 dolls to chose from. I remember that Saturday very well visiting Toy N Hobby to see the new face Sindy. Me and my sister nearly died of heart failure!

Click here for more Zodiac Toys information and pictures of other 80's toys!