Friday, 29 May 2009

1986 Sindy : The times are changing

1986: A Sindy reflection.
For me personally, being a child at the time, 1985 was a poor Sindy year.I had loved the 1983 & 1984 range and had nearly everything on offer, so what happened in 1985?

For me personally, Mattel's Barbie in the UK stepped up their game in 1984, yeah sure I had some older 1982 Barbies, but nothing was as great as the 1984-85 lines. With beautiful deluxe dolls such as Peaches & Cream Barbie, Crystal Barbie, Loving You Barbie, Day To Night Barbie and the amazing 'Twice as nice' reversible fashions how could Sindy keep up?
The whole 1985 range from Sindy was rather insipid with lots of pastels, Barbie was OTT and full of "Dallas" glamour. Even with the highly talented Emmanuel's on board with Sindy, nothing could detract you away from the Hollywood styled Barbie. Saying that there where a few amazing Sindy's released in 1985 such as Shaping Up & Premiere Sindy!


Presumably Pedigree must have noticed something too as 1985 was the last year that we saw the traditional Sindy and it paved way for a new Sindy...

A new face mold was used, she still Had the eyes glancing to the side but her lashes where painted and she had a touch of blue eyeshadow.
I remember seeing Sindy in her new form with my Sister in Toy & Hobby sometime in 1986, Barbie was instantly dropped again. The plan had worked...for me anyway!
They had been very clever (whether intentional or not) and had used some of the old idea's on the new dolls such as Starlight Sindy and Jazz Dance Sindy (See picture to the left), who was an updated 1985 Shaping Up Sindy.
On that first day of mad panicstood in Toy N Hobby trying what to pick, I went for a totally new doll 'Marie', I think Pamela chose the Ballerina or Jazzdance I forget.
The ballerina now came with 2 outfits, which boosted interest and Marie was a new friend with a totally new face mold.

A new hair colour changing Sindy was also released in Magic Moments Sindy. Her hair and swimsuit would change colour with heat or warm water. Not the most attractive doll ever but I loved her outfit. Her hair also turned green after constantly chaning it from muddy brown to blue with the hairdryer for fun!
Marie or Sindy also got a boyfriend in the form of the rather dull Mark, Mark and Marie were sold both individually and as a couple in the Royal Wedding set made to commemorate Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson's Marriage.
Also released that year where the disco magic dolls, who look shockingly a bit like Hasbro's Jem who also arrived later that year. Mattel had already known of Jem's arrival so created Barbie & The Rockers (Or Rock Stars as they are know in the rest of the world) as a counter doll. Presumably Pedigree knew of these dolls as it was to be taken over by Hasbro the following year when Sindy would change again!

Dolls released in 1986:
Silver Skater
Magic Moments
Snow Princess
First Romance
Marie (2 Versions)
Mark & Marie (Royal Wedding set)
My First Sindy
Funtime (Different outfits also with a brunette version that is very limited and highly sought after)
Disco Magic (4 Different girls)
Sindy Goes To Dallas

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sindy Day

I've had a nice few Sindy day's.
My Sis came up with the kids for a few days, so once they where in bed it was time to show my sister what I had got recently. I knew I wanted to swap some stuff and give my sis some extra's.

After a while of bartering, my sister made out like a bandit of course with the 2 Fantasia outfits traded for a complete Autumn Stroll. Fab.
I also wanted to swap my 2 sad faced dolls with Pam as she loves them. Sadly she forgot her dolls in the whirlwind that is sorting out 2 kids for a trip to Grandma's so no real swapsies as yet!

On Thursday morning a Parcel arrived, I wasn't expecting anything so was slightly puzzled. I then rememebered Gill from e-bay was going to (very nicely of her too) send me some extra freebie's. I opened the box to find a nice 80's Sindy and some extra clothes and shoes.
Sindy did need some work, so when I got home I gave her a bath and then decided what to make of her.
I kinda thought she had a look of Quick Change (Readers of my blog will know she is a total fave and I would love her boxed or loose but minty)

So She is now living life as Quick Change, and with a splash of makeup she looks pretty darn fab! Thanks Gill!

Later I was looking around on e-bay and noticed that A brunette Smirly was also finishing soon with a low bid, I had overlooked her as the last boxed brunette went sky high as the brunette smirky's are few and far between!

I bid expecting a fight on my hands, admittedly it was in the last 45 seconds that I did bid (Thankfully I sold 4 Madonna's CD's that day!)
I won her for just over a fiver, how made up! I can't wait for her to arrive so make her over. But what will she wear, I have no 1986 clothes?

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Blonde Verses Brunette

Who looks best in 1985's Daring Dazzler?

You Decide...
Please take my poll at the side

Monday, 25 May 2009

1985 Style - Horse Mad

1985 Style - Horse Mad

Another year and another Sindy horse riding fashion. Sindy seems to have been riding horses since 1976 as a horse themed fashion had been released with every collection.

1984 Casuals - White & Green Set

A very cute casual. I remember having this as a kid as it's quite distinctive. Very high power 80's with those big shoulders.

1983 Casuals - Swimsuit and Jacket

A cute little swimsuit and jacket set from 83. I am not sure if I had this originally. It looks great on my Auburn beach party Sindy, although she always looks a bit moody for some reason.

1982 Quick Change Part Outfit

1982's Quick Change was a doll I soooooooo wanted as a kid. With her spare changeable head and magic colour pens. I still want her now but she is pretty HTF in the box and a tad pricey.

This is Sindy in her Silver version of the outfit.

The variant lilac outfit.

I won these variant lilac top and trousers for a £1, I just love them as they are so DISCO, I need some roller boots on her ;). The outfit is perfect for Marie with her lilac eye shadow.

1984 Boutique - Warm & Cosy

1984's Warm & Cosy is an unusual outfit. Compared to previous years bedtime fashions, this looks like something from the seven dwarfs. We did have this as kids as I remember the slippers which are fun.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

1984 Boutique - Pony Club

1984 Boutique Fashion: Pony Club

A cute little 1984 fashion that we had as kids is Pony Club. I think I remember the jumper most with it's Sindy logo on it. I seem to think we did have a horse too...

I rememebered to bring Marie from my Mum's house as I wanted to model a few fashions for me and I thought she would look good in this.

Friday, 22 May 2009


Well here are (most of) the girls so far todate in some of my fave outfits!

Monday, 18 May 2009

1983 Casuals Box Art

Love these pictures, especailly the beautiful auburn haired girls. I am just missing the Blue Suit and the top and skirt from the bottom row now.

1984 Boutique Box Art Scans

L-R Party Piece, Checkmate, Warm & Cosy & Pretty In Pink

L-R Jog Along, Pony Club, French Connection & Well Suited

L-R Highland Fling, Modern Miss, Jumping Jive & Cherry Pop

Sunday, 17 May 2009

1985 Style "Texas Rose"

I have explained in previous posts about my 1985 lapse from Sindy to Barbie, so it comes to no surprise that this cute outfit is a first for me. I don't think I would have chosen it as a child anyway.

It really appealed to me when I started re-collecting.I think it's the high waisted trousers (Eat your heart out Simon Cowell). It's a good name Texas Rose as it does have a very Texan vibe to it. Beach Party Sindy was the first choice for this outfit as it really compliments her dark hair and vibrant red lips.

1984 Boutique "Checkmate"

Checkmate is another '84 Boutique fashion that escaped me as a kid.

While it's not my favorite fashion from 1984, it is still a cute dress and the straw hat really makes the outfit. My Dad was particularly fond of the hat when this outfit arrived!

1983 Boutique "Party Fun"

We had this fashion as kids as the trousers are quite memorable. The top is a very delicate pink and a very delicate top so I would suspect it was ruined quite quickly.

I really like the whole 'Dallas' feel to this fashion

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sindy Logo

I have scanned a nice large Sindy Logo today so please feel free to click to enlarge and use it on your own blog / site

Thursday, 14 May 2009

1984 Casuals

I had all these Casuals as a kid, as with most of the '84 range.
I think the checked one above is quite mad with matching top and trousers but hey that WAS the 80's.
I love the red trousers with the high waist, I think they are my favorite from these 3.

I don't know why, but Brunette Beach Party (centre) always looks shocked in pictures, bless!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

1985 Fantasia

2 Cute fashions from the '85 Fantasia range. I must note they where really hard to get on (for any one that struggles with arthritis like me)

I didn't have much of the 1985 range in fact only a few outfits, when I look at the Barbie collection from '85 I see a lot of stuff I had so I guess Barbie was getting the monopoly in the UK at the time.

I guess thats why Sindy was relaunched in 1986, I look at that '86 range and we had it all nearly so I guess that Pedigree plan worked with me for a while anyway...until Jem came along in late '86.

1983 Casuals

I love the 1983 Casuals, they are just really cute and smart.