Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cut N Style to Dazzling Sindy

I loved 1984's Cut N Style as a kid when I first got her as a kid, so I couldn't wait to get her again.

I won her practically complete from e-bay but I was kind of dissapointed with her as her hair had been snipped and didn't look too fab. (See my older posting)

I had also discovered that they had re-vamped Cut N Style in 1985 put her in the seperate fashion "Dance Crazy" and called her Dazzling Sindy. I really don't remember seeing her as I am sure I would have got her? Perhaps other dolls took preference like Shaping Up Sindy & Starlight Sindy? This was Sindy's last year as we had known her so maybe Pedigree where using up old stock before 1986's re-vamped Sindy? Lots of stock was already being used on the budget priced 'Miss Sindy' dolls.

Anyway a Sindy friend Nic contacted me to see if I wanted to trade my Sindy head for one she had. Nic had aquired a doll to re-root but her hair was beautiful and she didn't want to cut it.

We decided to trade heads and dresses, so now Cut N Style has been transformed (With much thanks to Nic) to Dazzling Sindy. She looks so much better and I am totally happy with her now.
I have always loved that shimmery material used for this dress

She has a very 50's vibe about her in this fashion
The little jacket is cute.

Friday, 24 April 2009

1970's Schuco Leaflet

1983 "French Collection"

The 1983 French Collection is a cute little set that I didn't have as a kid. I just didn't see the point, maybe it was because I was a boy and just was shy and giggly around ladies underwear. I think I still am.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chat Box

Hi readers, I have added a chat box, so just drop me a hello, introduce yourself and let me know what you think of the site. I have met so many nice Sindy people since starting re-collecting it will be nice to meet and chat to more.

Have fun

1970’s “Gold Sindy” by Schuco

A beautiful boxed brunette Sindy doll by Schuco, ref: 14-4624. She is the same as “You & Sindy” by Pedigree from 1978, except she was manufactured by Schuco in Germany under licence from Pedigree, much as Marx dolls were in the USA. She comes complete with a ballerina-style Sindy
display stand, and a Sindy leaflet (to be scanned in soon)

She is totally cute and smells new!

Her body is slighty less quality than normal

1983 Boutique "Disco Date"

A stunning 1983 Boutique fashion on an equally stunning brunette Beach Party Sindy. I never had a brunette Beach Party as a kid, but I could not resist this little lady at a bargain price!

Monday, 20 April 2009

1984 Boutique "Modern Miss"

I loved this fashion as a kid displayed on my pretty blonde Beach Party Sindy, always a favorite as a kid too. I think it's quite 80's/Madonna inspired with the cloth dress and sting vest. The only problem with this fashion is it looks like a maternity smock without that little belt!

1984 Casuals "Jumper & Shorts"

A cute little '84 carded fashion that I got at a bargain price of £2.00 from Lollie Dollies (She still has some for sale) on my pretty aurburn haired active Sindy.

1983 Boutique "Cocktail Party"

A cute little fashion from 1983, I need the original shoes though.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Aurburn Haired Sindy

I always loved Aurburn Sindy, me and my sister called her 'Ginger Sindy' when we where kids.
We only had one, her arms dropped off on a holiday to Cleveleys, she lived for few days in the motocycle outfit to hold her together. For some crazy reason we then decided to give her a sea burial? We blew up the Sindy tent and sent her off into the sea at Cleveleys? Why we didn't just take her home and swap her body is beyond me but kids do the carziest things right?

I recently got my Sister a 'Ginger Sindy' when I got some dolls for her. Once I had set off collecting myself I wanted one myself.

I won this little lady off e-bay, I maybe paid a bit too much thinking about it now but...
She was not the best described and looks better in this picture than the stinky thing that arrived.

A trip to the salon and a deep cleanse later and Sindy scubs up well.

Her hair is more chestnut to be honest, a little dry at the ends but she will do for now until I get an upgrade.
I decided she looked good in the 1979 Dinner Date dress that I got with Styling Sindy, as her original dress had also arrived I decided that they should have a picture together.

Monday, 6 April 2009

New Arrival and collection so far!

I was lucky enough to get a non pale face 1980 Styling Sindy with beautiful hair. I have her original dress on order too so she will get her own posting soon.

And this is my collection so far. In memory of always playing on the stairs I deceided to pose them at my Mum's where they live.
Back Row: City Girls (Mine & Pams) Ice Skater & Marie
Middle Row: Cut N Style, Shaping Up & Stardance (with an active body now)
Front Row: Styling Sindy in (some of) Check Mate, Hard Head Sad Face Ballerina and lastly my old fave Beach Party Sindy!