Monday, 17 August 2009

1981 Seperates

I have been meaning to take a picture of these for a while, they are very cute and not something I had back in the day but they where very cheap so I couldn't pass them up.

1984 Boutique - Highland Fling

Another memorable 84 outfit we had back in our childhood. I have had the dress quite a while but it took forever to track down the belt & boots, but big thanks to Jill again. The dress looks awful without the belt so has waited patiently until it arrived.

1984 Leaflet ...Portrait of a Superstar...

A Beautiful little catalogue that came with the 1984 dolls
Click any picture to see the bigger image.

Funtime & Stardance

Beach Party & Masquerade
Ballerina's & Cut N Style (She didn't look like this though)

Casuals & Boutique Fashions

More Boutique & Designer


More Classics

Sunday, 9 August 2009

1982 Skater

The 1982 Skater is a doll I have wanted for a long time. While not the prettiest of my Auburn girls she is just so... Me. I loved my roller boots as a kid, and when I got my walkman in 1984 I would stay permantly stuck to it for the next 25 years, although it's an i-touch now LOL!

1983 - Holiday Girl

This girl was a surprise, a huge surprise. The seller whom I got all the last lot of dolls from sent me this as a surprise due to a few setbacks. I knew a surprise was in the box but I just suspected an outfit or something. At the bottom of the box was Holiday Girl BOXED! Wow, she is not a doll I would have bought but now I have her... She only seems to have lost her sunglasses but is so cute with a small head which is hard but not as hard as some hard heads.

I was only saying last week to another Sindy fan that I should get a short haired Sindy, then here she is!

1986- Funtime (With a Twist)

Most of the dolls I have posted today are all from the same seller who I met on e-bay. I have been saving for a while to get all these dolls including this little lady.
He coloured her hair red and is a beautiful red too. She looks so original and I love Red Headed Sindy!

1986 Ballerina

I loved this Ballerina as a kid, however I think she was Pamela's originally.
This Sindy is just so cheeky, I got her boxed at a great price and I love her, one of my favourites from this year! 2 Outfits was just genius with this girl to make her more 1986!

As I was changing her into her Ballerina outfit I noticed what she was smirking at, her leotard is rather low and revealing! Cheeky scamp!

A Little more dignified in her ballerina outfit which was used on the 1985 Blonde ballerina too. Those little arm things are a devil to come by these days.

1986 Magic Moments Sindy

1986 Magic Moments was a Sindy I remember very well as a kid. If you put her in warm water her hair changed blue and her swimsuit changed pattern AMAZING huh, I thought so. I remember even the hairdryer worked to change it blue. When I had done it maybe 200 times her hair went a kinda green blue for ever!

It's difficult to find one in this condition as her hair has been unchanged. It has a very light blue tinge in some lights. I LOVE this outfit, it's so cool, I find it very flamenco hence the pose!

1986 Miss Sindy - 43155

A cute and rather cheeky Miss Sindy fashion from the 1986 range.
A baby doll nightie, tanga briefs and the little jacket are very cute topped of with babydoll pink slippers.
Non of the 1986 fashion range ring any bells with me so I don't know if we had any as a kid, my Sister may have got some but I think I was into Jem at the time so may have overlooked them.

1984 Boutique - French Connection

(Click to see the bigger picture)

Ooh Laa Laa, I loved this fashion as a kid so couldn't wait to get it again. The trousers are soooooo hard to get on so after all my effort, beachy here is staying in them for a while LOL!

1982 Leaflet

Click to enlarge each sheet, I had to scan it in as 2 seperates!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

1984 - Ballerina

For me personally the 84 Ballerina is one of the prettiest.

You can sport her a mile off with her larger head, full pink lips

My beauty even still has her hair tied in the original style and is fresh from the box.
I didn't get her in the box, she came to me like this. Boxed Ballerina's go for £150+ so they are not in my price range! THis little lady was a bargain and a Birthday treat to myself!

I am still looking for the Brunette 84 Sindy with the white outfit so if anyone has one spare...

1986 - Snow Princess

1986 Snow Princess is a doll I never owned as a kid. I had most of the '86 range however never seemed to get the more deluxe dolls from any year of dolls in fact?

The chance to own this doll came up when I had some spare cash from my Jem doll sales, I don't know much about her either but I have the feeling she is a rarer doll.
My Mum kinda helped me get her as she really liked her (Which she doesn't normally say to be honest)
I don't know anything about why there was a Snow Princess either as it seems an odd thing to just come up with? Maybe there was something out around the time?
If anyone has any more info on her , please let me know.

1983 Casuals - Palm Tree Printed Dress

Quite a memorable fashion from the 83 Casuals. I got this quite a lot later than my other 83 Casuals and it was a freebie. It was mint on the card however the very nice seller noticed a mark on the dress and refunded the price. It seems to suit my pretty Auburn haired Sindy.

1984 Autumn Design - Un-named Fashion

A cute un-named fashion from 1984. It looks like a fashion somewhere in between 84's Jumping Jive and 85's Carnival Girl.
Needless to say it's a cute fashion and suits this girl perfectly!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

1982 Boutique - Blue Skies

Pam's Sindy looking very much like A Charlie's Angel in this 1982 Boutique fashion which was mint from the card on Lollie Dollies closing down sale at £4!

Here's the beautiful box art

And for more indepth pictures on some very cute Sindy's ...

Dreamboat, Evening Out & Blue Skies

Pony Club

Free & Easy, Tender Touch. I Love this picture, shame my box was slightly worn on the auburns face as she is so pretty.