Sunday, 27 June 2010

1986 Sindy Fashion Doubles

I got this beautiful fashion from my fellow Sindy collector friend Tracey. I seem to recall having this but the late 86 range is a bit fuzzy to me as the Jem line hit in late 86 and I lost interest for a while :)

1986 Mode fashions

another 2 Mode fashions that I got nice and cheap in May

1986 Colour Magic

This is the 2nd version of Colour Magic Sindy that I got. She came in the box and is quite minty, she just has a tad of blue in her hair. I adore this outfit.

1986 Bunches Sindy (Miss Sindy?)

I won this little cutie pie mainly for the Disco Magic skirt that came with her. An actual doll with bunches (aside from Jazzdance) was never released officially! After a bit of digging me and a few fellow Sindy fans came to the conclusion that she will have been a Miss Sindy released in late 86 using factory stock. It makes you wonder what they where planning before her face was changed yet again for the Hasbro 87 girls.