Wednesday, 4 March 2009

1984 Cut N Style

Cut N Style Sindy fascinated me as a kid, i was a budding hairdresser. She came with growing hair that you could adjust through her back. Quite why she was Cut N Style I don't know as you could adjust the length in the back rather than cut it, but I guess that was the appeal to scissor happy kids. That aside she came with an extra packet of hair. I do remember sending away for more hair too.
This lady won from e-bay has super long hair and most of her accessories, her only problem is her very short hair, she is either factory short or it has been trimmed so I will be upgrading her in the near future. I have pulled it up into a ponytail in these pictures.
My sister reminded me that we where not that keen on her due to her short hair but I do remember playing with her a lot at first, presumably I lost interest when her hair was lost.
She holds quite a special place in my heart as I remember the memories of buying her with my Grandma and playing with her at Grandmas.

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