Sunday, 29 March 2009


Marie was Sindy's friend in 1986, I thought she was beautiful. There where 3 versions of Marie. Marie in a Blue & White Suit,

"First Marie" Box Art

Marie in a Black & Green number and "Royal Wedding". The Royal Wedding delux set was Sindy's friends Mark & Marie and cashed in on the real royal wedding that year of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. I had all 3 versions of Marie back in 1986 and have just re-aquired the first Marie.
I hae had to put her hair in a ponytail as she had wild out of box hair!

Friday, 27 March 2009

1987 Ice Skater

Me and my sister are still at war over the 1987 Ice Skater & 1987 The Ballerina, we got them on the same day but can't remember who's was who's. I think the Ice Skater was mine, and so does Pam. I usually have the better momory for this but she seems adamant so maybe I got it wrong.
Maybe if I get the Ballerina it will jogg my memory?

I have not done too much to the Ice Skater style wise yet and she is missing her arm gear so if anyone has any?

1987 City Girl (Peach Version)

I love the momories of City Girl, me and my sister got one each quite late in my first round of doll collecting. I was into Jem at the time but we couldn't resist these ladies and I remember playing with them at our Grandmas on the day we got them, I had the peach version and Pamela the pink. I have won the pink version too for my sister so I will take pics of her soon.
I was lucky enough to win her off e-bay complete for a nice £5.50.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Yes I know I have been lacking in updates recently, it's because I am waiting for my new items. But I will be updating soon when I get them all in my grubby mitts.

Keep your eyes open for Ice Skater, City Girls and a few surprise buys..eeeeek. I can't wait myself.

Project Sindy

I started my new project today, I am going to re-root my first Sindy.
I have acquired everything needed to perform a re-root from

I won this little lady from e-bay for £1.00 so she will be transformed soon.

I am making her into an aurburn haired beauty.
It's actually more time consuming than I thought, well the problem is I have the attention span of a nat so it may take a couple of weeks to complete her.

Keep checking back for my progress and updates.

Friday, 6 March 2009

1984 Stardance Sindy

Stardance Sindy is a mystery to me.

Firstly, I wonder why we never had this doll as kids as we had so much from the 83/84 doll range. She was also on the cover on the Sindy Annual too and secondly why they put a keepfit girl on a regular body, why not an active body?

Anyway I was only supoosed to be getting what I had as a kid but saw this lady with all her cuteness and just had to have her. I Love her 80's outfilt with pink pumps and the rainbow leotard and legwarmers.

She came with the bunchies, however I am not a fan so quicky re-did her hair to more the style I prefer. She has beautiful hair, slightly frizzy in places but still very cute.
I am happy to have her in my collection and will keep an eye out for the brunette version now.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

New On-line Store Opened

I have opened my own groovycart store so please take a look. I will be selling all my extra's and dolls that I don't want anymore here
I just have some nude Jem dolls and a few Barbie's (one with her box and is a rare treat) listed so far. I woukld suspect Sindy will be listed as I get extra's so do keep checking back.

It's easy to shop, with great competative prices and I take paypal which makes it all the more simple.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

1984 Cut N Style

Cut N Style Sindy fascinated me as a kid, i was a budding hairdresser. She came with growing hair that you could adjust through her back. Quite why she was Cut N Style I don't know as you could adjust the length in the back rather than cut it, but I guess that was the appeal to scissor happy kids. That aside she came with an extra packet of hair. I do remember sending away for more hair too.
This lady won from e-bay has super long hair and most of her accessories, her only problem is her very short hair, she is either factory short or it has been trimmed so I will be upgrading her in the near future. I have pulled it up into a ponytail in these pictures.
My sister reminded me that we where not that keen on her due to her short hair but I do remember playing with her a lot at first, presumably I lost interest when her hair was lost.
She holds quite a special place in my heart as I remember the memories of buying her with my Grandma and playing with her at Grandmas.

My Want List

Ok my want list is pretty smallish. These are the dolls and fashions that I am looking for first as they hold the most childhood memories, more I suspect will follow...

Any 80's Aurburn Sindy with nice thick hair
1982 Quick Change (Boxed)
1985 Premiere, Brunette Starlight
1986 Jazzdance, Ballerina

White Ballerina Outfit with sparkly leotard
1980 Summer Nights (loose)
1983 Pony Rider, Dream Time
1984 Cherry Pop, Jumping Jive, Highland Fling, Pretty In Pink, French Connection (On Card)
1985 Beach Life

Extra Bits:
Daring Dazzler Gold Shoes
Quick Change Jacket, purpkle belt & the complete silver outfit!

New buy!

Well I sold a Barbie yesterday for more than what I bought her and thought what can I buy, then I stumbled accross and found loads of Sindy for sale.

After a long while of deciding I went for....

1987's Ice Skating Sindy, I quite liked the new face Sindy as a kid, this 2nd makeover more than the first. I think me and my sister got the Ice Skater and Ballerina at the same time but I forget who's was who's. The new face Sindy's had great hair. I am also hoping to get the 2 Mix N Match sets in the near future too. I will post new pictures when she arrives.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My Sindy Story

My Sindy story starts way back in the late 70's and early 80's, but to get a full picture I will start way back in 1976.
I was 3 and taken to a Jumble sale, or Jungle sale as I called it. I bought a doll with my 20p, that doll was then carried around for a good few years according to my Mum.

Over the years I was fascinated by dolls and puppets, as a boy I was sort of steered away from girl dolls and was bought puppets, 6 million dollar man and the Lone Ranger dolls instead.

Our local shop got a Quick Change Sindy in stock in 1982, I have never wanted anything more in my life as I did that doll. She sat and sat there and I could only dream of owning her.

I must have had an influence on my Sister Pam as on her 7th Birthday she got Fashion Faces Sindy. She had a party and had so many other presents no one noticed me hide her under the stairs so I could play with her.

The following year, I was playing quite a lot with my best friend Sharon and she had lots of Sindy so we had hours of fun, another lad called Dean also loved to play with dolls too so we had loads of fun swapping and trading toys to get more Sindy's.

We used to visit my Grandmas most weekends and she didn't at all seem to mind when I asked for a Sindy one weekend. I got the blonde ballerina and LOVED her, my Grandad was a bit displeased but wasn't too bothered either. Every week me and Grandma would look at the clothes and I could always get myself a treat from her. Sometimes Pam would come to Grandmas too and also get new clothes.

My next Sindy was 1984's Beach Party and I remember getting her from my favourite toy store which was Wizard for Toys. That summer a giant Toy 'N' Hobby opened in my hometown and they had LOADS of Sindy that the little store couldn't get.

Cut N Style was my next purchase as I was a budding hairdresser, we also got loads of clothes from the 1984 range as well as probably a few more ballerinas. In late 1984 we moved away from where we grew up and away from all our friends.

Living in a new area me and my sister bonded over Sindy and delved deeper into our own world. By 1985 Pam had the Sindy Superhome and a swimming pool as well as loads of other paraphernalia, we could play for hours and now had a large collection of swapped & given dolls from friends and jumble sales. Pamela stayed true to Sindy but I enjoyed playing with Barbie too and had discovered a few Barbie's that interested me (Pink N Pretty, Day to Night, Peaches & Cream, Crystal and Loving You) I had also taken a shine to the reversible Twice as Nice fashions. I did get Shaping Up Sindy and a Blonde Starlight.

1986 was a HUGE year for dolls, not only did they change Sindy they also brought out Jem & The Holograms! Jem had me hooked but that is another story on it's own. We still got Sindy and where getting new dolls most weekends now from Grandma. It could have been a Sindy or a Barbie or a new Jem. Jazz Dance, Ballerina & Magic Moments are dolls we acquired that year.

Jem was still huge in 1987 so I had 3 dolls to contend with collecting as Barbie had brought out exciting ranges with the Tropical dolls and Barbie & The Rockers.

Sindy had also had another facelift to a new cuter face. The 1987 range of dolls all pretty much had active bodies so where always snapped up, Ballerina, Ice Skater and the Mix and Match set dolls (I had Yellow & Peach, Pam had the Pink & Purple)
We where still spending most weekends with Grandmas playing for hours creating beauty shows and having all kind of dramatic events for the dolls. Picksies was a game that me and Pam would play which involved laying all the dolls out (could have been like 50 or so) and then picking one each until they had all gone. This usually resulted in the other picking your favourite and such but it was good fun.
A few 1988 dolls where purchased but by then we where growing out of our phase.
By 1990 most of the dolls, houses, cars, rangerovers, kitchens had been given away to younger kids in the area and we never noticed Sindy disappear.
11 years later In October 2001 I joined e-bay and looked up Jem. The following 6 years became an obsession obtaining most of the collection, some of which had eluded me.
In October 2007 our beloved Grandma passed away, In light of her passing I thought it would be fitting to buy my sister some of her beloved Sindy's for a wedding gift as she was getting married in December 2007.
She loved her dolls so much and we had a good chat about old times and the dolls, I still had no inclination to collect Sindy again myself as I had picked up on Barbie again.
In December 2008 I bought myself a Beach Party Sindy after an e-mail update from Lollie Dollies. Now here I am hooked again and searching for my precious memories and dolls of the past

1984 Fashion Parade Leaflet

Monday, 2 March 2009

1984 Classic "Autumn Stroll"

Autumn Stroll was one of the more deluxe fashions in the "Classic" range. It wasn't often we got one of these but I remember getting this one, I loved the petticote underneath. One the whole it looks a bit too chunky with the jumper but I guess it was needed for that Autumn Stroll in the park.

It is much nicer with just the petticote showing.

1983 Boutique "Smarty Pants"

I think we got quite a lot of fashions from the 1983 boutique range, this one is quite memorable however I don't remember that little jacket?
Here are a few more Boutique fashions from 1983
L-R Smarty Pants, Candy Stripe, Bright & Breezy, Cocktail Party, Metalic Mover & Disco Date
The ones in bold are the ones we had originally.

Ballerina Sindy

We always loved Ballerina Sindy's and had quite a lot of them, we called them Ballet bodies but they are infact in the Sindy world called Active Sindy. Any doll that had a regular body and a nice head would be switched to a 'Ballet body'.
I always prefered blondes as a kid, but I have taken a real shine to the brunettes now, Pam always favoured the Brunettes.
This little lady is quite a little character, she doesn't really suit her hair back off her face so I am not convinced she started her life as a ballerina. She is a hard head Sindy too so I can't tell really what year she was produced.
Needless to say, she stays a ballerina until I discover her origins.

My Sisters Sindy's

These are my Sisters Sindy's that I bought her as a wedding gift in December 2007. My Mum gave all our dolls away when we stopped playing with themin the early 90's. I don't she has still been forgiven as we still tease her about it. We must have had hundreds though LOL!

I tried to get her one of each Sindy, Blonde, Brunette and Aurburn (Ginger Sindy to me and my sis)
I also tried to get her some of the fashions we had too, including the memorable Jumping Jive seen above. The Blonde Sindy's are actually Marx Sindy's from the USA as they where cheaper that trying to get them from the UK!

1984 Beach Party Sindy

Beach Party Sindy was one of my personal favorite Sindy's and the start of my own personal re-collection.
I do remember the day I got Beach Party Sindy, it was upstairs in Wizard Toys. Sindy used to be downstairs but for some reason had been moved upstairs, presumably to show you the more old fashioned toys like rocking horses and the like as they where upstairs.
I always went for the blonde, although I would love either the brunette ot aurburn haired on one now. I really loved her as she had great hair and a really cool outfit.
We had the Sindy swimming pool and a couple of beach buggies so made beach parties on our sand coloured carpeted stairs (Me and my sister always played on the stairs as we lived in a shop and they where huge)
Beach Party Sindy was more than likely transfered to an active body (or 'ballet body' as me and my sister called them) as all the top girls (or picksies as we called them) had a 'Ballet body'
This little lady came to me nearly complete as she is just missing her bag.

1985 Shaping Up Sindy

"Ok here we go to the gym"

"Lets warm up"

"Ok I think I am done"

"Yep, thats me done, See Ya"