Saturday, 6 February 2010

1986 Starlight Sindy

Here is my beautiful new Starlight Sindy. Starlight was released in 1985 with the traditional face and then again in 1986 with a slightly different style jumpsuit! I think she is so cute! The shiny material didn't show up well on the camera?

On the box she has a side pony tail with crimped hair much like the 1985 versions, however the finished doll just had loose curls with no ponytail (I put my girls in a ponytail)

Side of the box picture

Back of the box

Back of the box close up
The Starlights together, you can see how dramatically they changed Sindy in 1986.


  1. Your pictured Starlight's look great! x

  2. I love that you did this. It's so interesting to see how much she's changed.

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  4. I love the brown haired starlight so much I bought one on ebay recently :)

  5. Thanks for a very useful post - I have just identified my lovely 1985 brunette Starlight Sindy from this page ....