Thursday, 4 February 2010

1986 Zodiac Toys Displays

Prior to the new release of dolls, you can make out Barbie to the right and Jem and Golden Girl on the left both of which I had as a kid. *Dreams of getting a time machine*

And the shelves updated with the new 86 girls Jazzdance and Mark .

By this period Toy N Hobby was the big store in my home town so there was a lot more 86 dolls to chose from. I remember that Saturday very well visiting Toy N Hobby to see the new face Sindy. Me and my sister nearly died of heart failure!

Click here for more Zodiac Toys information and pictures of other 80's toys!

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  1. *gasp!* These pictures are incredible! I'm feeling heartsick with nostalgia :) The insanely awesome toy store just doesn't exist anymore, does it? Thanks for the memories!