Saturday, 6 February 2010

1987 - City Girl

City Girl Sindy was one of the last Sindy's I remember getting. Me and my sister got one each on the same day. There are 2 versions of this doll the other being dressed in pink & purple which my sister has. I like these Hasbro Sindy's but they where to only last 2 years before she changed again and looked far to much like a cheap Barbie!


  1. This was my first Sindy :) It's so nice to see the picture. My sister got a similar Bride Sindy with crimped hair the same day :). Before this I used to play with my mum's dolls from the 60s. I still love Sindy!!

  2. Oh wow! First photo I've seen of this particular outfit on City Girl Sindy. I was starting to wonder. I have that exact same version, but mine is in much worse condition :( Half her outfit is gone. Great job keeping yours so well!!